One Year of The Jumble!

Sam Dineen

Happy Birthday to The Jumble Magazine!

A year ago today, the first post on The Jumble Magazine’s Instagram page was uploaded, essentially opening its doors to the world to go and explore the first few submissions sent to the site. It was nerve racking and exciting to publicly announce something like this online, but I very quickly realised just how much I loved doing it. Back then, the pandemic/lock down situation was only just coming into discussion, and I (Sam) naively thought that I would have the opportunity to go to gigs, exhibitions, and events as normal. I soon worked out that this was not going to be the case, and I worried that I had somehow picked the worst possible time to follow a dream of mine and start an arts magazine… I was wrong!

Over the past year the artists, photographers, musicians, writers, filmmakers, business owners, and creatives who have submitted work from all over Ireland (and sometimes even from abroad, if they’ve moved away) have proven to me that a lock down cannot get in the way of creative talent and the need for the arts. I have interviewed so many interesting people, I have hosted some wonderful and eye opening think pieces and interviews written by others, and I have seen The Jumble grow into something much bigger than I thought possible. Right now, the site has been viewed over 21 thousand times by over 11 thousand people, and things like the Instagram page are really making it feel like its own wee community. Although it is, for now, a ‘one woman project’- as in, I do the admin and editing- the work submitted by all of you is what really brings it to life. I cannot thank you all enough for contributing to , viewing, and sharing this wee platform. 

Hopefully this year will foresee some kind of return to normality and I will have the opportunity to bring The Jumble with me out into the ‘real world’ but for now the phenomenal response to it online has made my heart burst. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped this magazine grow, and here’s to many more years of The Jumble!


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