The Jumble Magazine Playlist

Fresh Music: A Chat with Cat.

Fresh Music: Bikes & Bridges Lead to Broken Bones

Fresh New Tune: ‘Autopilot Paradise’ by Lemonade Shoelace.

New Music: Jack Bashful

Talking New Music, Grief, and Queer Identity: A Conversation with Susie Blue.

New Music: Conor Scott

Fresh Music: SKANGER

Fresh Music: Spireview

Keep Trying- Lauren Bird

The Rule of Three- Quinncidental

Gnarkats: ‘The Dreamer’

New Music: Velvet Ocean

Wirelessin’ Podcast

‘Barbies With Betty Finn’ : Garrett Laurie

City Song: Conn Thornton

Fresh Music: Like A Hawk

New Music: Cameron Gibson

New Music: ‘Merry Queermas’ In Support of Outhouse Dublin

Fresh Music: A Chat with Heart Shaped

Grateful- An Interview With ORIAN

Music Review: Kalla-Feel That Way

Local Music: Ghost Office

Local Music: Ciara Rooney CENTRE/LEFT/RIGHT

Top Drawer Romance- Catching up with Somebody’s Child

Going Nowhere’ Gary Duffy’s New Release.

Local Music: Sherba

New Music: Mima Merrow

Local Music: Conn Thornton

New Music Review: Gnarkats ‘Volume Up’

Local Music: Garrett Laurie

Local Music: Cloakroom Q

Local Music: Gemma Bradley

Local Music: The Visitors

Local Music: Niall McDowell

Local Music: Becky and the Keys

Local Music : Aeons

Local Music : Second Nature

Local Music : Dead Star Heroes

Local Music : A.N.J.A

Local Music : Gary Duffy

Local Music : Lonely Astronauts

Local Music : Blurred Reality

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